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Refer to www.regonline.com/SEEye2016 for further information.

ALAO Executive Director, Mike Merrill, and ALAO Member, Dr. Roy Hager help collect over 1000 pair of eyeglasses for the Frazer United Methodist Church Haiti Mission Fund.

Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, signs an ALAO Proclamation declaring July as Fireworks Safety Month in Alabama.

Fireworks Safety Tips! Click here for more information.

ALAO Wins Prestigious Platinum Participation Award from the AAO at 2013 Mid-Year Forum in Washington, D.C.

Alabama Senate Health Committee Members Visit UAB Dept. Of Ophthalmology And Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital At The Invitation Of ALAO.

Alabama Senate Health Committee Members Visit UAB Dept. Of Ophthalmology And Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital At The Invitation Of ALAO.

Alabama Senate Health Committee Members Visit UAB Dept. Of Ophthalmology And Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital At The Invitation Of ALAO.

ALAO member, Dr. Lindsay Rhodes, speaks to the AAO "YO" group at the AAO 2013 annual meeting in Chicago.

ALAO Executive Director, Mike Merrill, and former Alabama Governor, Bob Riley.

Dr. Jeffrey Crain and Dr. Lanning Kline visit with Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, M.D., at UAB Grand Rounds.

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UAB Opthalmology News

EyeSight Foundation of Alabama Provides Census of Alabama Eye Care Providers



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High Court to Hear Argument About Medicaid Rates. Click here for article.

Lawmakers Positioning to Seek SGR Repeal in 2015. Click here for article.

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For the consumer, we hope this website provides you with valuable information about general eye health and will help you find an ophthalmologist should you need the assistance of a medical doctor specializing in all aspects of eye care. For the ophthalmologist, we hope you too will gain useful information about your Alabama Academy of Ophthalmology, including the latest ophthalmic news at the state and federal levels.

Approved by the ALAO Board of Directors (December 2009)


"The Alabama Academy of Ophthalmology will be the premier organization that promotes the highest quality of eye care for the citizens of the State of Alabama."


Goal 1: Structure and Maintenance
  • Identify and implement organizational changes to broaden participation of our members.
  • Pursue non-dues sources of revenue that conform to the conflict of interest policy of the ALAO.
  • Maintain and ensure the effective continuity of business management for the ALAO.
  • Promote an effective membership recruitment process.
  • Maintain an affordable dues structure while ensuring financial stability.
  • Develop and maintain a mechanism for identifying and training future ALAO leaders.
  • Be an active participant in state ophthalmology associations, as well as the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
Goal 2: Member Education

Provide ALAO members and all Alabama ophthalmologists recurring opportunities to expand their ophthalmic education via:
  • An Annual Meeting with AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.
  • Regional meetings throughout the State of Alabama with emphasis on the latest in ophthalmic technology and procedures.
  • Distribution of ALAO and AAO publications highlighting advancements in ophthalmic education.
  • Participation in national ophthalmic meetings (e.g. AAO Annual Meeting and Mid-Year Forum) as well as State Medical Association (MASA) national meetings (e.g. Federal Legislative Forum).
Goal 3: Practice Management
  • Improve relationships with ophthalmology office managers to help ophthalmologists improve practice management techniques.
  • Promote programs to increase the success of members' practices.
  • Collect and disseminate information impacting Alabama ophthalmologists and their practices.
Goal 4: Unity
  • Reach out to other ophthalmology-related organizations as appropriate.
  • Advocate for sub-specialty interests.
  • Include sub-specialty interests in educational programming.
  • Advocate for unity and for opportunities to collaborate with ophthalmology sub-specialists and all ophthalmologists practicing throughout the State of Alabama.
Goal 5: Health Policy
  • Oppose fragmentation of ophthalmic services.
  • Advocate for fair and equitable compensation for the delivery of ophthalmic services.
  • Advocate public policies that ensure quality ophthalmic care in Alabama.
  • Advocate at the state and federal levels to obtain effective medical liability reform.
  • Establish lines of communication with the general public as well as advocacy relationships.
  • Support and encourage the involvement of ophthalmologists in grassroots advocacy efforts.
  • Oppose health care delivery systems that erect barriers between patients and access to ophthalmologists.
Goal 6: Public Education and Service
  • Promote the specialty of ophthalmology.
  • Provide, when possible, free eye care and services to disadvantaged Alabamians through community outreach programs such as EyeCare Alabama.
  • Educate the public about preventive measures and lifestyles to prevent the onset of serious eye diseases at an early age.
  • Support patient centered care.
Goal 7: Diversity
  • Support efforts to diversify the profession and the ophthalmic workforce.
  • Promote the delivery of culturally competent care.
Goal 8: Professional Education
  • Support Patient Centered Care.
  • Support the efforts of the AAO to identify and promote appropriate evidenced based care.
  • Provide educational programs for ophthalmologists, ophthalmic technicians, and office administrators in the management of all ophthalmic conditions.



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